Can you tell me how to get to Censor-Me Street?

I grew up watching Sesame Street. I loved it. I was particularly fond of the fuzzy monsters that walked the streets, even if they were a little grouchy or made some poor food choices from time to time.

My colleague, Dr. Kerri Augusto, who writes along side of me for Bay State Parent Magazine asked the title question on today’s blog in reaction to hearing that classic Sesame Street videos were being released with a disclaimer stating that they were “for adults only.” “Apparently, Oscar is too grouchy, play spaces are unsafe, and Cookie’s sweet tooth is too sweet,” says Augusto.

While Sesame Street Workshop assures us that the future of Sesame Street does not mean the end of grouchy quips from Oscar or the transition of Cookie Monster into the diet-friendly “Veggie Monster,” the 70s version of Sesame Street is being labeled “inappropriate for today’s children.”

Want to weigh in on the argument? Check out this little video and Dr. Kerri Augusto’s comments and tell us what you think!


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