Are your Children Showing Self Reliance at School and Home?


    Because it’s Self Reliance month for Powerful Words, it’s important that we provide children with opportunities to show self reliance at school, at home, and out in the community. Perhaps your children have been relying on you (or their teachers?) to do some things that they can do on their own. What are these things?

    Are they able to:

    • Pack their own bags for class?
    • Remember all their equipment?
    • Do their own chores?
    • Do their own Powerful Words projects?
    • Hand in their Powerful Words projects?
    • Hang up their own jackets?
    • Tie their own shoes?
    • Get ready for your class on their own?
    • Do their homework?
    • Stay quiet before class without being reminded?
    • Work on their skills in class responsibly even when your back is turned?
    • Lead the class in stretching or skills?
    • Practice for class, a test, or an event?
    • Clean up after themselves?
    • Entertain themselves?
    • Remember all their stuff when they leave their school

    Encourage your children to take some time to ask themselves; “how have I shown self reliance today?” It’s this kind of focus and questioning that will help them to take a hard look at their behaviors, take some risks, make some changes, and become more self reliant in the long run. In addition, talk to your children about self-reliance and let them know how you’ve shown self-reliance today.

    We’d love to hear how your children are showing self reliance at school, home, and out in the community. Tell us about it!


    1. I’m not a teacher anymore. (I used to be a pre-school teacher long ago) But as a parent, I believe my most important job is to send out responsible, self-reliant adults in to the world. I am always focusing on teaching my kids to do things for themselves. They get so much more self esteem this way then when I do it for them.

    2. Thank you for your comment, Wendy. Yes, I believe you are quite right that it is our responsibility to send self reliant adults into the world. It may seem counterintuitive, but that responsibility means that we need to step aside and allow children to try to do things on their own, make mistakes, fall down, and get back up. People often don’t realize that while it may be faster and easier if we do things for our children and students, we are robbing them of one of the world’s most valued resources; self confidence.


    2 Responses

    1. The importance of teaching children to respect people of various sizes, abilities, ethnicities and ages is on-going. When children respect themselves and others, they feel good about who they are. When children learn to value people who are different from themselves, they are better prepared to live peacefully in a diverse world.

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