Justice for Ashley: My Niece’s Teacher Died Too Soon


The kids all called her “Miss Mac” and loved her greatly.

Hi everyone-

I wanted to share a personal story that was featured in the Washington Post today that has touched my life recently.

My six year old niece, Evie, and her classmates received some devastating news when one of their favorite teaching assistants, Ashley McIntosh, age 33, was killed in a traffic accident last month. Concerns have been launched about the fairness of the investigation because the accident happened when a police car collided with Ashley’s car. The family is suffering greatly since little information has been released as the police are doing their investigation.

Witnesses clearly saw the police car speeding without a siren, yet with lights, towards the intersection where Ashley was thrown from the car and killed. Here is the full article.

Now close to 800 people, including myself and my family, have signed a petition asking for a thorough and fair investigation by police. It can be signed publicly or anonymously but please, would you take a moment to sign it? It’s free-They’re not asking for any money– just a signature of support. The McIntosh family has already been through so much and the children and families who loved her deserve to know what “really” happened.

NOTE: Petitioners have been advised not to contribute money to the website. “Advise supporters NOT to contribute to the petition website. That is not associated with our effort.” Also, you can uncheck the box that asks for future emails on other petitions– again, this is not the point of the effort. The supporters thank you in advance.

Petition here.

October 14, 2008 update: Virginia Residents: Help make Ashley’s law a reality by signing this free petition. The law would mandate that emergency vehicle operators always use their lights and siren when driving through red lights, and mandate emergency vehicle operators slow their vehicles so they are able to make a controlled stop when driving through any intersection.

*May 2nd 2008 update here.

*September 2008 update here

Ashley’s law website here

Warm regards,


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13 Responses

  1. Mary Donohoe wrote:

    Dr. Robyn,
    This is fantastic.
    Thank you so very very much.

    It is my sincere pleasure to help in any way I can.

    Warm regards,
    Dr. Robyn

  2. Thanks for caring about Ashley. You are a great Aunt, Dr. Robyn!

  3. Dr. Robyn,

    I am someone who was very close to Ashley at one point in time in her life…and I just want to tell you that I appreciate you giving this tragic event the public attention it needs. Bless your heart, and your nieces as well.


  4. Thank you for your response, Jack. I am happy to help in any way that I can. Many people miss Ashley and they all deserve answers. My heart goes out to you and her loved ones.

    Dr. Robyn

  5. […] of you shared your heartfelt condolences and your frustrations when I wrote about the tragic death of Ashley McIntosh, Ashley, the beloved teaching assistant of my niece, Evie and […]

  6. Thank you for this update — Six witnesses to the officer’s culpability in this very tragic accident could not have been wrong and I am so very glad that the family has some solace in knowing that justice is being served.

  7. Now that the officer has been found “not guilty” of the absurdly low level charge DESPITE traversing the intersection at 45 mph with NO SIREN activated (to investigate shoplifting?), will you be following through to demand some independent oversight for the Fairfax County police, required to attain no more than a high school diploma in a county and state with NO independent Ethics Commission/No Inspector General and led (as “chiefs” of police) by a revolving door of insider males? Should the defendent have been allowed to leave the courtroom through a side door used by deputies?

  8. The frustrations are truly palpable (See comment on May 2nd 2008 update from Sept 21st). The family is no doubt suffering over and over again. So tragic.

    Please keep us updated about any recourse.

    Dr. Robyn

  9. […] many of you know, my niece Evie and her schoolmates lost their beloved teaching assistant, Ashley McIntosh (affectionately known as Miss Mac), last February when a police officer, Amanda Perry, crashed into […]

  10. […] they seemingly make what’s wrong right in the world. But after the lack of justice served for Ashley McIntosh (my niece’s 33 year old assistant teacher who was killed last February), parents and educators […]

  11. I am a police officer in Texas, and we are required by our general orders for my department to activate our overhead lights AND siren upon proceeding through a red light intersection. Of course we always have the duty to exercise due care for others when responding code to any call. Reponding code to a call is always an extremely dangerous situations for both the police officer and others, yet the nature of our job and the emerganices we respond to require such response. It is my opinion in this case that this was simply a tragic accident. The officer had activated her lights, now the policy mandating that she activate her siren not being in place by her department, is the fault of the department not the officer. It also appears that Ms. McIntosh was at one point attempting to turn left, then proceeded straight though the intersection, a violation of the law for a reason. Ms. McInsosh was also tragicly not wearing her seatbelt, which still amazes me in this time and age. Yet, the fault of the accident in my opionion was by no part all on Ms McIntosh. We have a duty as officers for our safety and everyone else, to slow and/or stop if necessary to clear an intersection. If that would have taken place, undoubtably, this would have not been more than a minor collision, assuming both were wearing seatbelts this time. It appears that the officers inexperience and the departments lack of rules mandating both lights and siren contributed to this tragic accident. We should also keep in mind, the officer is also suffering without doubt, and two famalies are trying to cope with such horror.

    • From some of the news articles I have read the rules of the officer’s police department is similer to your department’s. The parents of the victim said in an news article on their civil lawsuit against the officer that if the officer had followed police department policy the accident would have never happened so it sounds like she was required to turn on her siren as well but for some reason choosed not too.

  12. RIP Ashley…today is the one year anniversary of your tragic death. I met you at the beach with Sterling. You were such a nice lady. God Bless.
    Nicky Kyriacou

    George Kyriacou’s lil sister

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