Ask Dr. Robyn: Tips on Teaching Tolerance to Children

How can parents teach tolerance to children?

Dr. Robyn J.A. Silverman Child Development Expert

Dr. Robyn Silverman answers a reader’s question about teaching tolerance to her children who DON’T live in a diverse neighborhood. These are easy parenting tips that any parent can follow to inspire children to keep an open-mind, be more accepting of others, and show more tolerance for differences.

Tolerance is the Powerful Word of the Month!

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8 Responses

  1. Great tips! Thanks.

  2. Great advice. Thanks for sharing!

  3. You’re very welcome!

    Dr. Robyn

  4. Great to see you!! Looks like you’re seguing to vlogging with your fabulous tips…You and Vanessa both have that knack for the camera that I need to achieve (or be stuck with blogging my brains out—time consuming and FAR too detailed for most to read in depth, oui?)

    Anyway, you’ve inspired me as always to make myself get it in gear and create a ‘short form’ blog as well as microblog of Shaping Youth too…We definitely should get the ‘team’ concept together so that we’re lookin fine in 2009, eh?

    p.s. As for this particular post on tolerance. I love the tips, and would add our other partner org, Carmen’s adjunct blog here:

    I’d be glad to e-intro you two as well (working on an affiliate/affinity program we should discuss too) Also, do you subscribe to this biannual on Teaching Tolerance?

    I’ll be slowing down over winter break to deal w/some family issues starting Thurs. and also to begin working on furthering the strategic visions and getting them into place, so let me know if you’re around later next week to catch up?

  5. I so agree that we need to teach love for others and that everyone is equal in the eyes of God and therefore should be equal in our eyes as well. However, we must also teach our children our values and beliefs and teach them that some things aren’t up for debate and some things just aren’t tolerable. I’m sure you’ve heard the old saying “you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.” In that vein we also need to teach our children how to stand up for their beliefs while respectfully disagreeing with others. I know that’s not the road you’re going with your message, but it seems like an easy slope that many people are slipping on.


  6. Thanks for all the great info, Amy! I would love to talk to your friend– and I’ll look into all the resources you’ve cited here.

    I’m around but leaving for Aruba on Friday! Very excited! Perhaps we can meet up when I return.

    Thanks for your comment– so good to see you!

    Dr. Robyn

  7. Yes, Vicki-

    I completely agree. In fact, a whole week of Powerful Words (week 3) is devoted to the question “what will you and what won’t you tolerate?” Children need to be taught to stand up for what they believe in and refrain from “following along” when they are against the behavior others are exhibiting. Powerful Words teaches children to be empathic, respectful and open– however, they are also taught that they must be leaders who are assertive, confident, and courageous– and speak up for themselves and others who aren’t able.

    Great to see you– talk to you soon!
    Dr. Robyn

  8. […] Word of the month. In honor of this important Powerful Word, we are exploring different parts of tolerance throughout the month. In this article, we’re talking about tolerance and racism and how one […]

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