Dr. Robyn Answers: What Makes Powerful Words so Powerful for Kids?

What Makes Powerful Words So Powerful for Kids?

I’ve received some questions about Powerful Words Character Development lately and I wanted to take a moment to answer why Powerful Words is so powerful for children and why powerful parents are choosing schools that teach Powerful Words.

What’s so special about schools that teach Powerful Words?

Dr. Robyn, what’s a Power-Chat and how can it help my child or teen?

Dear Dr. Robyn,

I’ve heard you talking about “PowerChats” at the schools that teach Powerful Words. Can you tell me what a PowerChat is and how they might help my children?


Lisa Able, Chicago, IL

The most professional, progressive, and family-friendly sports activity-based academies don’t just teach a physical curriculum. They teach Powerful Words Character Development which inspires children, teens, and adults to become their very best!

One of the signature parts of the best character programs is the way each Powerful Word is conveyed to the students. In an after-school program, in which time is tight and attention spans can be short, a Power-chat is the perfect solution.

I create new, age-appropriate Power-chats every month for our member schools! A Power-chat is the five minute discussion about the featured Powerful Word of the Month. For example, this month’s Powerful Word is Tolerance and last month’s was fairness. These Power-chats are taught in every class so that each lesson builds on the last but does not repeat (so the children stay interested and excited about learning!).

Children, teens, and adults can answer questions about the Powerful Word, along with their classmates, and discuss how it’s important to them, how they’re exhibiting it, and any challenges they’ve seen with regard to that Powerful Word.  The Power-Chat allows the student to have a special interaction with their teacher as well as with others in their class while they are stretching and learning about character. While character is enhanced when adults model good character for their children, children also must be taught.  Powerful Words provides the lessons in an environment that supports and encourages powerful character.

I encourage leadership team members (usually teens and young adults) to help teach the Powerful Word in class as part of their own development as a leader. This accomplishes a few things (1) It provides older peer to younger peer learning—a great way to hold children’s attention; (2) It helps the teens and young adults get comfortable in front of a class and gain respect; and (3) By teaching Powerful Words, young leaders tend to absorb the messages and raise the bar when it comes to their own character. If your child is a leadership member or would like to be, this might be an area in which he or she can thrive.

Many of our member schools are open to you visiting and watching a Powerchat in action.  If you’re looking for a school in your area that teaches Powerful Words, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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