Dr. Robyn Silverman Announces Birth of Daughter, Talia

silverman_familyDr. Robyn's daughter Talia

Hello everyone!

It’s been an exciting couple of days!  Many of you know that my husband and I have been matched to adopt our baby girl’s birth parents for 9 months.  Well, February 19th was the day!  Talia Paige Silverman was born on 2/19 at 10:19am weighing 5 pounds, 6 ounces and measuring 16 inches long.

Dr. Robyn holidng baby Talia

We are so grateful to have been there for her birth!  Our Tallie was supposed to be born on Monday, Febrary 24th after 6pm through induction.  However, she didn’t get the memo and decided that earlier was better.  Our birth mom went in for her check up last Tuesday and was already dialated to 3 centimeters– on Wednesday she was told her fluid was down to a 6 and our daughter would be here very soon.  Thursday was the day!  We flew out as soon as we heard that the induction was going to be moved up.  After delays in Atlanta, due to weather, we arrived in Oklahoma at 2am, went to our hotel, took a 55 minute nap, and were off to the hospital for the 6am induction.  Funny, I think our Talia was thinking “induction insmuction”– she was coming anyway.  Our birth mom was already at 4-5 centimeters!

Dr robyn in scrubs

With me, my husband, our birth mom and our birth father all in the delivery room, we felt surrounded by love and gratitude.  What a blessing.  Our birthmom only needed to push 1 1/2 times before Tallie made her way into the world.  After getting cleaned off, weighed and measured, and my husband cut the cord, she was handed to me for our first encounter.  She was beautiful and so small!  I had the honor of being able to introduce Talia to our birthmom, exactly as we all had planned it together, and it was one of the most beautiful and precious moments of my life.  We all felt like family before the birth and we became family after.

After spending a few days in the hospital with our little girl, we’re now settled into an apartment for a few days as the paperwork goes from state to state for approval.  It’s been an amazing few days.  We got together with our birth family for sushi the other night and I’ll be making a turkey dinner for everyone, including some extended family, tomorrow night.  Perhaps you might be surprised by that– but there has been nothing typical about this adoption.  It’s been a pleasure in everyway.

Dr. Robyn and daughter talia

Our birthmom courageously went to court this morning and did the most loving thing for Talia–legal custody is now ours.  She is the bravest, most thoughtful person we know.  It’s been such an honor to have gone on this journey with her.   Through countless text messages, phone calls, emails, and precious conversations, she has been so thoughtful to include me in every part of the pregnancy. I’ll discuss this more in future posts– but know this, adoption can be easy, and lovely, and wonderful in every way if you choose to make it that way, follow the signs, and open your heart.

Talia being held by Jason Silverman

I’m excited to share our unusual and spectacular experience with all of you. I’m even coaching some people through part of the process. In addition, our social worker, our birth mom, and myself are planning to run a teleconference so people can hear about our outstanding experience and how it can be. So contact us if you’re interested so we can send you some information when we plan it.

Please feel free to ask questions.  There are so many unfortunate myths about adoption itself, open adoption in particular, and US adoption to boot.  And while we acknowledge that not everyone has the same experience as we did– my point is, that it’s possible to have it this way– adoption doesn’t have to be a series of mishaps, broken hearts, and years on end of waiting. We are living the reality– and it’s wonderful. We’re proud of our journey and hope it will inspire others out there who are thinking about adoption…and perhaps even open adoption like ours.

The Proud Mommy,

Dr. Robyn Silverman signs


15 Responses

  1. Dearest Proud Mommy ~ Even though tears are everywhere here, I want you to know what a beautiful post this was in every way. Everyone involved for the sake of this beautiful child is to be commended. I am thrilled to hear you will conduct a teleclass and please record it so I can always pass along to anyone considering adoption.

    I am so very happy for you and send you all the love in the world. Congratulations to all of you!

  2. Congratulations on your beautiful little girl!!

    What a blessing she is to you and obviously an inspiration for many others looking to adopt. A friend of mine had a very similar experience with adopting their son. They too have a wonderful relationship with the birth mother and her family. They also flew out for the birth and we able to cut the cord. It was an incredibly moving event that I will never forget. You daughter is extremely blessed to have so many who care about her well being.

    It is so awesome that you will be sharing this story with others so that they too can have a wonderful birth experience. So exciting!!! That is the way the birth of a baby should be!

    Congratulations! There is nothing better than the love you feel when you see your baby for the first time! Welcome to motherhood!

  3. Jason & Robyn,
    You are an inspiration to people all over our country. Your story is both magical and full of love. I am so happy that people as wonderful as you both are being blessed in this way! Congratulations to you all and best wishes! Remember I have a 6 year old and a 3 month old so if you need anything let me know!

    Master R. Blum & Family
    Fishkill, NY

  4. first of all, my heartiest congratulations. welcome to the world and to your family, dear talia.

    as an adoptee i’d like to thank you for letting people know it can be a beautiful process. i think that is more the norm than the sensationalized horror stories you find on talk shows and other media sources.

    blessings upon all of you, your family, talia, and her birth family.

  5. Congratulations! I’m a friend of your Aunt”s. My father was adopted. He was a wonderful, person, man and dad.
    Hoping Talia will be as blessed as I was.
    Joan Metro

  6. What a wonderful experience! My husband and I adopted 20 months ago and we plan to do it again!
    Although we were not fortunate enough to be there at the birth, we did meet our daughter after she was only 1 week old and wish I had more information to give her about her birthparents as she gets older!
    Good luck in the coming months. I would love to be included on the call to hear about your experience.
    Enjoy every minute of being a new mom!
    What a blessing.

  7. Congratulations! I am a Boston milk donor 😉 and popped here to see the beautiful pictures of your daughter from your email to Milkshare. I think it is wonderful that you are providing breastmilk for your daughter!

    I am also a Child Passenger Safety Technician so if you would like your car seat installation to be checked (always a good idea as 85% are incorrect), then please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

  8. Thank you so much for the kind, thoughtful comments and sweet well-wishes! I’m so filled with joy and love I feel like I’ll burst! It’s great to be able to share our story with all of you and I look forward to sharing more.

    Laura– I look forward to getting in touch! Thank you!!!

    Dr. Robyn

  9. Congratulations! I am so happy for all three of you. Sounds like Talia is a Silverman from the start – give her a due date, and she shows up almost a week early! Thank you for sharing your story with all of us. Your encouragement and openness is a light for all of us.

    We’re looking forward to the teleconference.

    Peace and joy!
    Kris and Rich

  10. Thanks again! We’re having such a wonderful time getting to know each other. The love is intense and amazing!

    Again, we appreciate all the kind comments and we’re so excited to introduce her to everyone!

    Dr. Robyn

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  12. Well, Robyn, as you know, I’m waiting with bated breath for the ‘film at 11′ as I truly feel a video/teleclass capture with all of the links and how-tos would be extraordinary…I’d always wanted a second child, alas, it wasn’t meant to be; and have seen several friends through less than ideal open adoptions so would love to applaud this very positive, exemplary lesson in hope, triumph, bravery and possibility! To Talia!

    (and I’m so glad you pronounced her name on your video, as I was rhyming it with “Malia’ as in Obama…) 🙂 Hugs xo Amy

  13. Congratulations!!!!!!

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  15. […] I realized that my ears have become bionic. I didn’t realize how noisy everything is until my daughter came along—and sleep became so precious. Floor boards creak, dishes clank, and my dog actually yips in his […]

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