Yay for open Adoption! Introducing Tallie Paige Silverman

Thank you for all your kind comments about our daughter’s birth!

It’s great hear that many others have experienced the joy of adoption as well as open adoption, in particular.  It’s scary what’s out there– no wonder why many people are frightened.  Media sensationalism and publicized horror stories make birth moms out to be monsters and birth fathers to all be dead beat losers.  In every myth there may be truth for some but there is also a lot of phony baloney.  Our birth parents are normal, wonderful people who love each other and love our daughter.  We enjoy their company– and in fact, they’re coming over on Monday again so we can spend some time together before we leave and I can teach our birth mom how to make the turkey I made the other night for all of us for dinner.  We’re grateful for our relationship and know that it will be great for Tallie as she grows, to know them as the people who not only brought her into the world but also the people who loved her enough to give her the life they knew she deserved.  We love them!

Enjoy the video– and thanks again!

Dr. Robyn Silverman signs


3 Responses

  1. Dear Robyn, Jason & Talia:

    Congratulations on your successful adoption experience.

    The team at A Step Ahead was thrilled to be a part of this journey, and as the owner, I’d like to express personal thanks to Angel Adoptions of MA who introduced us first to the Silverman family. Second, a thank you to Robyn & Jason for believing in our ability to education, guide, consult, coach, and refer families in their personal adoption journey. Finally, a huge thank you to Carla, the Silverman’s consultant, who was their constant advocate, guide and coach throughout their adoption journey.

    Blessings to Miss Talia as she begins her life with Robyn & Jason. Loads of love to her courageous birth parents. Tremendous thanks to their placing attorney and their home study agency. This was a true success story and we at ASA are joy-filled to have been an integral part of that journey.

    Sincerely, Diane

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