Ask Dr. Robyn Silverman: How can I teach my child citizenship?

Dr. Robyn Answers one Powerful Parent’s Question about Citizenship

Dear Dr. Robyn,

I’ve seen many of my friends’ children become very self centered as they get older.  I don’t want that to happen to my children who are still young at ages 4 and 6.  What are some ways to get my children thinking about others besides themselves? –Carolyn G, Danbury, CT

The Powerful Word of the Month is Citizenship— so this question about “thinking of others,” provided by one of our Powerful Parents,, Carolyn G, is coming at a great time! Have any of your own questions about citizenship, charity, empathy, or thinking of others? Send them in! Talk to your Powerful Words instructors too– I’m sure they’ll have lots of ideas that you can try as well.


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