Honoring Mr. Rogers: National Sweater Day is March 20th!

Won’t you wear your sweater?

Mr. Rogers always reminds me of a kinder, gentler time when children didn’t have 300 channels of everything from cartoons to candid sex and violence to choose from at 9am. It didn’t promote exaggerated stereotypes, rude language or “pimped-out rides” and any mention of “your crib” really meant, well, your crib– probably during one of Mr. Rogers’ heartfelt talks about transitioning into your “big-boy” or “big-girl” bed. Mr. Rogers was one of the first to really encourage all of us to be better people and knew that starting character-based discussions about respect and open-mindedness needed to start early.

So, in honor of simpler times and the day that would have been Mr. Rogers’ 80th birthday, “won’t you wear your sweater?”

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Here’s to you, Mr. Rogers!