POWerful Kids!

There are POWerful Kids all around the world learning about POWerful Words from the most progressive, caring, child-focused Personal Development Centers! How fortunate that your family is able to attend one of these select schools that puts your family first.

We would love to hear about how your kids are showing POWerful Character at home, at school, and out in the community. How is POWerful Words inspiring your child? How is your child inspiring others? How is your Personal Development Center impacting your child in a positive manner? Please send stories and pictures to DrRobynsBlog at gmail dot com or through the Dr. Robyn website! We will select some of the best stories and post them up so that everyone can appreciate how your child is positively affecting the world through using their Powerful Words!

POWerful Kids in LondonDerry New Hampshire


On the top of our school-age “Teamwork” project the directions read, “There are a lot of things we can do on our own. However, many projects are made quicker and easier when you have a team. Think of a project that you would like to do. It could be to arrange a charity drive, bake sale, book drive or anything else you might like to do. Tell us who you would have on your “dream team” and what their jobs would be.” There are applicable questions that ask the children to really think and dream.

Phillip and Casey, both 8 years old, participated in the mat-chats and completed the Powerful Words Teamwork project in Londonderry, New Hampshire. “We were talking about how you can work together as a team,” Casey said. They both put each other on their “dream teams” and constructed a hypothetical charity drive for the local Humane Society called the Powerful “Furry Friends” project. But they decided to go a step further. They decided to actually do the project.

They approached their school teacher, who was on their “dream team,” showed her their project and told her about wanting to collect goods for sheltered dogs and cats. The teacher went to the Principal. The Principal went to the Superintendent. Phillip and Casey got the opportunity to present the idea in front of the entire PTA and before they knew it, the whole town was rallying behind them.

There dream was becoming a reality.

The school gym was filled with pet food, leashes, blankets, crates, and toys. It was one of the largest collections the Derry Humane Society had ever seen. Thousands of pets benefited. The press came and covered the complete story. Every student learned that children can make a difference if they are willing to put their character into action.

Casey’s mother, Rose, said that she was proud of the two for what they accomplished in only a short amount of time and was impressed with her daughter’s classes and how the “Powerful Words” information struck a chord about community service. “It’s really great that my daughter wanted to do the project for real,” she said. “It’s a big deal for young kids.”

Way to go Casey and Phillip! You are 2 Powerful Kids!

Powerful Student in Maine!


POWerful Words in Action

When Powerful Words are applied, our children can do anything!

At one of our topnotch Powerful Words member facilities in Maine, Karrah’s mom mentioned to her instructor, Mr. Andrew, that her daughter was doing amazingly well on the swim team and that she was very proud of her.

“The conversation reminded me of Karrah’s POWerful Words project when our word of the month was Vision (October). In that project Karrah stated that she had a goal to win a first place ribbon in swimming. Karrah wrote that her vision included seeing her number posted to the first place spot on the score-board and hearing her family cheering for her.”

Karrah has managed to blow her “vision” goal out of the water (as you can see from the picture above) by winning 8 first place ribbons, 8 second place ribbons, 1 third place ribbon, 3 fourth place ribbons and 2 fifth place ribbons. Not only did she exceed her goal, but the times listed on the ribbons kept improving as the season continued.

When asked how the Powerful Word Project on Vision impacted Karrah and her goal, Karrah explained; “It gave me the confidence to keep working hard and stay focused on my goal.”

According to her mother “Karrah likes to be challenged, if something is easy, she doesn’t like it.” Her martial arts instructor sees this characteristic in every class. “Karrah is always pushing herself to be better and strives to be the best that she can be.”

Congratulations, Karrah!



Has your child shown Powerful Character? Please let us know so that we can feature him or her here on the Powerful Parenting Blog! And if you would like to find a Powerful Words member facility near you, please contact me and we’d be happy to help you.

Thank you for sharing!

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